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On-the-Go Solar Charges

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By Debra Atlas

The cost of solar panels has fallen 20 percent so far this year, according to a report from Navigant Consulting, making solar more affordable than ever for consumers.

More and more, our on-the-go lifestyles demand having solar power at our fingertips. FTL Solar has its finger on that button.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, FTL Solar’s products utilize a thin, flexible, lightweight solar integrated fabric. Built to tough military standards, these durable chargers come in a variety of styles, sizes, wattages, and power outputs. And they can operate maintenance free for up to ten years.

In 2006, FTL Solar began creating the first solar pavilions and portable solar farms. The solar-producing structures are designed for and used by commercial, military, and disaster relief organizations both in the United States and internationally.

FTL Solar’s personal-sized Powerfold Battery Charger is designed as a fold-out blanket. It delivers power outputs from five to 70 watts and can charge everything from iPods to MP3 players to laptops. In case it is a foggy day, this nifty charger also comes with a USB output as well as a 12-volt, 2.5 millimeter barrel output. This makes it unique in the solar charger market.

FTL Solar’s next sized charger is the PowerMod. These portable, wind- and rain-proof “tented” rooms can offer shelter in a storm while charging construction tools, lights, fans, water purifiers, medical equipment, pumps, and refrigeration units. They also can charge communication equipment centers that contain everything from radios to computers. The PowerMod comes in 300-, 500-, and 1000-watt versions.

As with all FTL Solar’s products, these power-generating structures are quickly and easily installed, disassembled, folded up, and transported.

The beauty of FTL Solar’s larger charging units is that they can provide a sustainable, secure source of renewable power. Able to power everything from small temporary structures that power laptops, cell phones, water purification and sanitation systems to large-scale, state-of-the-art installations, the electrical energy produced by these lightweight, high-density solar panels can be used immediately, stored in batteries, or even sold back to the grid. 

FTL Solar’s charger line includes the Powercase charger, a safe, portable, rechargeable power source for a wide variety of devices. It features a real-time LCD display that provides critical power data such as how much power your device still has available and how long until it runs out. Portable and water-resistant, the Powercase runs on lithium-ion GOTS technology and can power devices off-grid for extended periods. This includes sensors, communication equipment, and computers.

FTL Solar’s line of solar chargers will be available at outdoor retail stores later this year. To find out more about these amazingly useful solar charging units, go to www.ftlsolar.com.

An environmental journalist and blogger, Debra Atlas is reachable through Eco-hub.net/wp or [email protected]. Check out more articles by Debra Atlas.

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