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Earth Day 2013


Show Your Face for Climate Change: Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd

We’ve heard the Dalai Lama emphasize a need for a “sense of oneness and global responsibility,” highlighting that climate change offers an opportunity for every person to have a positive influence on the rest of the world. We’ve covered forums that explore solutions to the fact that global warming is not a problem of the future; it is a problem right now. 

Scientists, industry experts, and global leaders have spoken up to encourage all of us to step up and take action. This year for Earth Day, the Earth Day Network is providing a platform for us to come together and show our faces—to help build a global photo mosaic of the faces of climate change. Add your photo to join the movement and explore these seven simple celebrations for Earth Day.

Now is also a great time become a part of our Efficiency First Campaign and help us reach our goal of reducing the carbon footprint of 2,500 homes in 2013! To learn about how much money you could be saving in your home through energy efficiency upgrades, fill out our Well Your Home survey. SCGH also offers free solar and energy audit phone consultations by our verified GreenCheck® Providers.

Get inspired by the Faces of Climate Change—happy Earth Day from!

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One Response to “Earth Day 2013”

  1. Arwen Woods Says:

    The world has to change and we all have to get involved. Support Earth Day!

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