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Fuel Cell Gadgets

High-Tech Sustainable Solutions


The latest and greatest in green gadgets are those powered by fuel cells. As our need for clean energy grows, technologies including fuel cells have spawned some very intriguing gadgets. Portable fuel cells can be incorporated into items like laptops, cell phones, and sound systems.

Take a look at the unique fuel cell gadgets below and start planning your wish list:


This is a small-scale home hydrogen station that provides power for portable electronics using fuel cell technology. HydroFILL can be attached to any solar panel or renewable energy source, or a wall-socket. Once the HydroFILL charges, its portable HydroSTIKs mini fuel cells can be unplugged to power via a USB port to almost any portable electronic device via USB port plug-in.

Sony fuel cell powered speakers

Sony has created a USB charging station for devices like MP3 players, cell phones, cameras, and anything else compatible. The system is a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Battery. This device can charge your music device and make sound via these unique fuel cell speakers. These Sony speakers are portable and light to handle, which makes them a perfect addition to any gadget geek’s arsenal.

H2GO Fuel Cell Model Car

The H2GO Hybrid Electric Hydrogen Vehicle is a battery-free model car. It runs on renewable, zero emission hydrogen fuel. It is a fast charge and easy to control scale size vehicle. Teach your kids about fuel cells and let them play. Who knew eco-friendly toys could be this cool?

The HydroPak


The system consists of a fuel cell and water-activated power-cartridge. To run, the HydroPak needs a hydrogen cartridge, each costing roughly $20, and simple tap water. The charge provided from this gadget can power your laptop or any other applicable devices 8 – 10 times before needing a recharge! This device also has an outlet plug so you can run appliances like lights, televisions, or even blenders. It costs approximately $400, but seems to be worth the investment.

Honda Cub Motorcycle

This motorcycle is excellent for urban dwellers that are conscious of their carbon emissions and style. Honda Cub is a bike with a futuristic design that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell. Be environmentally responsible in style!



BacVac is a concept for vacuum that you can easily wear on your back and freely use around the house. The fuel cell is within the pack and does not need to be plugged in, no more tangled vacuum cords. The fuel cell is replenished with readily available ethanol. Clean home, clean energy, clean planet – great accomplishment.

Motorola Angstrom Cell Phone


Angstrom Power’s innovative Micro Hydrogen™ technology allows for portable fuel cells to be incorporated safely into devices like this phone. The energy is stored within the phone and runs equivalent to today’s mobile lithium ion batteries. Could this be the future of all cell phones?

Honda’s Fuel Cell Scooter

Honda has created the next-generation Honda FC Stack (a portable fuel cell) that has been redesigned and reincorporated for use in scooters. This vehicle is based on the popular 125cc scooter and runs off an on-board fuel cell. The fuel cell is located in the center of the scooter and is no larger than the average combustion engine.

Toshiba’s Fuel Cell Phone

In 2002, Toshiba showed its direct-methanol fuel cell (DMFC) powered phone. The gadget runs on methanol that can be easily applied via a dispenser. It is estimated that one charge will last 320 hours. DMFCs produce electricity from a reaction of methanol, water, and air—the only by-products are a small amount of water vapor and carbon dioxide.

MTI Micro’s Mobion Removable Fuel Cell Cartridge

This new fuel cell charger runs on methanol and can charge any device via USB plug. This new charger features a removable fuel cell cartridge that can be replaced, each cartridge is estimated to provide up to 25 hours of on the go power. The energy from this device can charge your phone or mobile device 10 times and run it for months without charging.

Stationary Fuel Cell Uses

Fuel cells come in different shapes, sizes, and power capabilities. And like solar power, fuel cells can be used for heating water and require no combustion. As for the by-products of fuel cells, heat can be used to warm residential water and living areas. When used adequately, fuel cell technology proves to be up to 90% efficient! So if you plan to go beyond these gadgets and decide to incorporate a fuel cell system onto your property, first determine your budget and then decide on the size of your specific project. Many states offer various incentives for renewables, so make sure to determine if you are eligible for any rebates at dsire.org.

Our recommendation is to look for companies that offer commercial and residential installation—search our GreenPages for fuel cell providers such as ClearEdge Power.

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